The City is Closed

Hey, everyone. I am afraid I bring an unfortunate news about Eclipse City. Due to the difficulty in development, the expenses and complications of how to continue the story, Eclipse City will have to be canceled.

I would like to thank those who enjoy my visual novel and most of all I am thankful for my team who made this visual novel possible. Please accept my deepest apologies for this huge disappointment.

We don't know what the future might but maybe we'll return with renew energy, a new person to take charge of this vn or nothing at all. This is really pains me and broke my heart but also I can begin a long but hard work on my dream project which may or may not become a furry visual novel.

Again I am deeply sorry for canceling Eclipse City and I thank everyone for everything. Happy holidays and a happy New Year! 🐺

- DarkWolfRanger

Get Eclipse City (Cancelled)


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they could have did it ware he is a bountey hunter who is cleaning up the city one bad dude at a time and the 3 of them gets called the wolf pack as a joke becose the human sticks out and its a joke at first but as it gos on they grow closer and more cool 

i say put the city on earth but its a city not goverd the the world and eath is so far from outher civs that they are ez to pick on from out laws but the space cops come and  put them in the city they cant leave but humans can go in and out why cant he rember this he was found near dead by somone high up in the space cops or somone eals who was saved by him so they spent years healing him wen he gets sent back to ware they found him its the city

Ah.. that's disappointing, but it was fun. I have high hopes for this story-wise and character-wise, yet here we are. If this is the best, then what can I say? I wish everything else, whatever you currently work on, a good luck and success~


I will say that I'm not surprised, but nontheless it's a damn shame. It did with the isekai "genre" something unique and was well written. The characters including the protagonist were compelling. Is there any chance you might come back to it in the distant future? If not I understand.

Merry Christmas~!


No. And it's not surprising I want someone else to do this.

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How do you mean? Your comment leaves room for several interpretations.

Edit: Nevermind I didn't notice you're the creator. Well, anyway, my best wishes to you and take care! I think it's great you want someone else to continue in your stead.


Better to cancel it if you feel it's too much. So many creators just never can make the decision and string people along so good for you to be able to make the decision and communicate it.


Indeed sad news. But thanks for the ride while it lasted. Best wishes to you and your team.

Also, in your 3rd paragraph, were you saying you will start to work on something different, or you were referring to Eclipse City?


Something different.

I hope you have a good one and find something you can do that'll make you happy in the new year!~


well, damn


oh my.. this is really really good! its heartbroken to see the vn got cancel..maybe go for hiatus and come back when everything is ok perhaps?

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Saddened to see the news, especially with a VN that had such an amazing start in terms of story telling and world building, and extremely cute characters.I hope that someday the story will be revived.


Not by me. I'll be more than happy if someone else do it.

I Hope You Have A Good Year To Come An hope Holiday An More (""o"")


I'm still not read eclipse city but this in my want to read list, it's sad knowing that it's got hiatus/close since its look like a good vn but i hope what the best for you